Welcome to our horrid parent website. We are here to help you navigate the difficult and often isolating relationship with a difficult parent.  If you’re a child of a horrid parent it's tricky for others to understand how your horrid parent makes you feel. We want to give you hope and reassurance that you are not alone and that there are simple ways to help you reclaim your own life.

On this website you will find ways to cope with a parent who regularly puts you down, finds fault with what you do and treats you in a negative way. We explain what makes them as they are, try our best to support you and give you lots of ideas on how to get by, especially when you feel vulnerable. We also show you ways of turning your negative experience at home into something much more positive for your future. It's important to accept that having a destructive, difficult parent is unfortunate, but not your fault.  Being an adult or parent doesn’t mean they always know best.  But most of all every child deserves to be loved.  We would like nothing more than that the children of horrid parents consider this a safe haven for advice, comfort and help.