Coping With Winter

Grey skies and long dark nights can make life difficult and even more so for  those who have a problem or a horrid parent.  It’s particularly easy to feel glum at the end of the festive season. 

Here are some suggestions to help you look after yourself.

Don’t keep blaming yourself for things you can’t control.  

Tell yourself repeatedly that  how your parents behave is not your fault.  The more you say it the more likely you are to believe it.


Every day find a reason to be pleased with yourself and quietly think or write down why.  It will help keep negative thoughts at bay.

Try to be more open about your problems.  On  we have tried to banish the stigma of admitting you have a tough time with a parent and even dislike them.  If , for example, having a horrid parent is getting you down, look through our website  for suggestions on how to cope..  Do join our forum and Facebook page.   You will find lots of other people of all ages who have  similar problems. 

Exercising outside every day every day even if it is a walk round the block. will help.

Stretching exercises can help  relieve tension but make sure your body is warmed up first.  You can find lots of ways to stretch on the web.  Try them out, gently at first,  then pick a few that suit you best and add them to your daily routine.

If the weather is ghastly and you don’t want to go out  put on some music and dance to it.  Or if you have access to stairs walk up and down them several times. 

Breathing exercises are useful when you feel low. Take deep breaths from your stomach counting slowly to four as you breath in and push your stomach out, and four as you breathe out and tighten your stomach.   Do this at least six times.  

Phone a friend and try to meet up for a chat or a walk.  Even the busiest people have some time to spare.  Just make sure you don’t get upset if you are turned down.  They genuinely might have something else to do.

Keep warm.  Several thin layers will be warmer than one thick one. 

Have a long warm shower or soak in your bath. 

Look out for bulbs forcing their way through the earth and remember from Thursday 21 December the days get slightly lighter and spring is on the way.